Bette’s Green Thumb
NYC Gets Greened with Bette Midler‘s New York Restoration Project
March 23. 2010

At no time is it more apparent how vital New York City‘s parks and gardens are than in spring. It must be so tempting for land owners to turn those tiny little green spaces into cash-generating parking lots, but since 1995, our favorite songstress, the divine Bette Midler and the New York Restoration Project have been working tirelessly to protect the few parks, gardens and trees we have, turning them into lush, vibrant eye-candy for the sensorial deprived.

Savvy Way to Get Involved: If you’re in the NYC area and have a green thumb (or dream about acquiring one), become an NYRP Community Gardner and help cultivate some of NYC’s most precious green plots. You can also dine at the scrumptious New Leaf Restaurant in the historic Fort Tryon Park (near the Cloisters) where proceeds help bolster NYRP’s coffers for more and more green spaces

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