I need a few thousand votes… :-) Jamie McKnight’s Teens 4 Good

Mister D: Teens 4 Good is candidate for the Pepsi Refresh Project. People can vote during the entire month of May and the Top 10 vote-getters will be funded. Our fellow BetteHead, Jamie McKnight, is the head of this environmental group and you may guess who the inspiration was/is. So please, take a few seconds of your time and vote for this worthy cause.

Project Overview:
The Teens 4 Good Program, managed by the Federation of Neighborhood Centers, prepares youth to be environmental stewards and exposes them to careers in the green job sector while cleaning and greening their communities. Teens 4 Good youth not only build and maintain urban farms, but also maintain the spaces surrounding our sites providing the communities with valued green space that is often not seen in the neighborhoods that surround the city. Teens 4 Good Farmers’ Markets, run by the youth, provide fresh, healthy, affordable produce to community members who need it the most. In addition, the youth encourage community involvement by creating garden space for community members to grow their own fresh produce. Teens 4 Good features a youth-led urban agriculture business that fosters creativiy through a teen-run garden/faming and nutrition business that transforms vacant spaces that grow fresh fruits and vegetables that are sold and donated locally.

Learn more at: http://www.refresheverything.com

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