Bette Midler On Oprah Radio With Gayle King (Thanks Wendy Poo)

Oprah Radio host Gayle King talks with singer/actress Bette Midler about her career and her love for charity work. To Listen: CLICK HERE

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10 thoughts on “Bette Midler On Oprah Radio With Gayle King (Thanks Wendy Poo)

  1. Why do people refer to it as “charity work”?
    Under Bette’s direction, NYRP has become a force in the city and the work they do helps maintain and restore the city’s green spaces where people had forgotten what the color green looks like.
    People ask me the same thing all the time. My current response is “Ya know, I do get paid to do this”.
    It is a passion of mine, and I am sure of Bette’s too but, let’s think of something else to call our work besides “charity”.
    Just my (cheap) 2 cents for the day.
    Now, I’ve gotta run. Philly is waiting for me to do my charity work 😉

  2. By definition, if you get paid, it is not charity work. It doesn’t dimish the importance of the job, though.

    NYRP is Miss M’s charity work because she doesn’t make money out of it. At the most she makes her image look better. She has spent a lot of her own money with NYRP.


  3. No, really???
    I get it,I just don’t like the term “charity work”.
    ~Philly’s Ms M

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