Spring Picnic: Do Ya Wanna Dance?

Dear Mister D,

I missed you last night! I needed a dance partner. We had a great time and even arrived in style with a limo. They sat us in the absolute way back but we made the best of it.

At the end of the evening Bette was working her way out the door and I became convinced that our opportunity for a photo had passed. I’m not sure why but she turned around and came back to the dance floor. Her two very large security guards pushed the crowd back and attempted to wrangle us into a line behind them. One by one they grabbed us from the pack and we each got our turn for a photo. She was very gracious and acknowledged that she recognized some of us from Vegas. She wore flats and I towered over her in my heels. She looked up at me and said, “My, my look at you!” I apologized and she said don’t be! I gave her the hug I was afraid to give in Vegas and the poor thing was drenched, it was hot in there. When she was finished she started to walk away from the crowd and Matt yelled out to thank her for being so gracious. She turned around as we all clapped for her and she did a little fist pump.


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7 thoughts on “Spring Picnic: Do Ya Wanna Dance?

  1. Nice pic, Julia:) I am green with envy (lol!) I am soooo happy for you:)! I’d probably faint (because of nervousness and excitement) when it is my turn:) I really hope to attend next year’s and meet y’all:) Thanks for sharing with us, Julia and of course, Mr. D:)

  2. Hi Julya,

    How amazing!!!!!!! lve lve lve your pic and you both look absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!

    Persistance was the key well done!!!!!!!

    Cant wait to meet you all at Hulaween and wish i had of been able to come this time 🙁

    All the best,

    Sharn xoxoxox

  3. Thank you very much for us to get this photo so beautiful! happiness that you’ve been with Bette, it looks so pretty and nice as always! Both are fabulous! Congratulations is something that insurance does not forget!!
    Kisses and Hugs from Argentina. Barbys

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