More Pix Of Bette At The Michael Douglas Fete…(Thanks Hales On Wheels)

I’ve got a few more photos of Bette attending the Michael Douglas fete in the Bootleg Betty Gallery, some thanks to Miss Hales (on Wheels). A couple are with Martin and his fabulous dress sense that we’ve all come to love! You can see the pics HERE

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14 thoughts on “More Pix Of Bette At The Michael Douglas Fete…(Thanks Hales On Wheels)

  1. As always, Bette looks divine in that outfit;) I love it:) and of course we’ve come to love Martin’s unique fashion style:)

  2. Mr. D, you’re one of a kind, unique, extraordinary…
    because you make us all happy with Bootlegbetty;) (it rhymes!:)). We love ya!

  3. Oy! He kills me. He is a very handsome man…and think of how much more handsome he would be in a matching outfit! Lol . I have to say i do admire him for being his own person of style though.

  4. Contrary to some of you I think that Martin has a great sense for fashion. He is not afraid of colours and avoids boring “been-there-down-that-looks”. The suits he wears are well tailored and fit him: He knows what works and has fun playing with it: The average American could learn quite a lot from him…

  5. There you go:)! My hats off to Martin, you know, for being secured and confident in his place as Bette’s husband. It is not easy to be married to a megastar like Bette and for him to just stay in the background and not share the spotlight with his ever incandescent wife, that is, in my view, so divine! (I really came to love the word divine ever since I became a BetteHead:))

    1. That’s what I like about him is that he is very secure in himself. He seems to know who he is…separate from Bette Midler…

  6. Miss M was very elegant in this. Martin, on the other hand, was being Martin, what can we do? In Brazil, we say, that taste can not be discussed.

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