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Video: My Favorite Waste Of Time (Cinemax Version)

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4 thoughts on “Video: My Favorite Waste Of Time (Cinemax Version)

  1. It says I can’t watch it for it has WMG material and it’s protected by copyrights. What the hell is WMG?

    1. Warner Music Group….let me put my thinking cap on and see if there’s away around it….. You can watch it on boottube betty….you just can’t embed it….

    2. yes, there are different versions. i thought the other was online but i can’t find it. I’ll try and do it as soon as i can…i always have to borrow stuff to do it…

  2. Mr. D, please, are there 2 different videos for My Favorite Wast of Time? BootubeBetty showed me the music video, but not the one with people in costume like chess dolls.

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