Follow Bette Midler On Twitter! It’s Official

Yes, it’s true…!!! Bette has a twitter account and she’s not afraid to share it. Don’t expect her to be prolific, but expect some words of wisdom here and there. If you haven’t joined yet: CLICK HERE

You won’t be able to post anything, just read, and that should be just fine.

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13 thoughts on “Follow Bette Midler On Twitter! It’s Official

  1. OMG REALLY?? this is so great i lost hope for this happening after what she said on the marriage ref!!! yay now i have a reason to get a twitter account 🙂

    1. Don’t pee your pants…she’s not real prolific. I have a feeling this will be tough for her…to take the time to do it…

  2. Mr. D, have you confirmed this is Miss M’s account at Twitter? Elizabeth Taylor’s and Obama’s accounts have a sign that says they’re checked. Please, ask Bette’s people to confirm this account of hers.

    1. under Find People….type in bettehere . There is only one and that’s her. She’s only posted about 4 things. Yes I got your email and I’m going to try and have it up by tomorrow. Thank you so much!!!!

  3. don what does her name come under , i havent signed up yet , i searched for bette , bette midler and its just other people who have writeen stuf about her

    1. i had the link straight to it on blb….in the post about the twitter. you can find her under bettehere

  4. Yay!!! After several attempts since yesterday, I finally figured out my log-in name and password (lol!) on my inactive Twitter account now and I am following Bette now! My twitter name is aramaris.

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