Julian Lennon on Bette Midler

Do you plan to keep working with your mother?

I think my mom and I are going to play a show in September.
We just did a huge Yoko Ono tribute show at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
I helped organize and produce, that was really fun. We had people like Eric Clapton come,
”˜cause he used to play in the original Plastic Ono Band with her.
It was the first time they played together in the Plastic Ono Band in like 35 years,
so it was really special. We also had a bunch of other really hip
artists like Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth. Bette Midler was there.
People were wondering: What’s the connection? It doesn’t seem like Bette would
be influenced by my mom’s music, but she wound up coming because they’re just good friends.
Everyone covered one of my mom’s songs and Bette covered a song that was from
Double Fantasy called “I’m Your Angel” that my mom had written, kind of a love song.
And she did such a really amazing vaudeville job; she turned it into sort of a comedy routine.
That was really successful so we’re gonna try to do something,
like a friends of Yoko/Plastic Ono Band tribute concert thing. I think in L.A. at the end of the year.
I’ll be working with her then, and hopefully we’ll be putting out
another Plastic Ono Band record on Chimera because that record turned out to be really great.
I’d like to do another one.

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