Video: To Deserve You – Remix

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12 thoughts on “Video: To Deserve You – Remix

  1. This is my most favourite Bette remix, it’s high on my iPod playlist. It’s a great video, too. Divine!

    1. To me this was probably her most majestic single…her crowning commercial glory….it should have gone to the top….

  2. “…crowning commercial glory…” Mr. D, “To Deserve You” hasn’t become a Divine hit as “Wind Beneath my Wings” and “From a Distance”. Although it must have had. Regular people, not betteheads, don’t even know this marvelous song! Bette of Roses also had the wonderful country and western “I Know This Town” and other refined Arif Mardin produced ballads.


    1. I know, but I meant that it had commercial appeal like those songs but was not given the chance at radio. I still think it’s her crowning glory as far as singles are concerned…sorry. That’s just my opinion.

  3. OK, it’s just that commercial glory to me has to do with big sales and financial success. But, I’ll tell you, “To Deserve You” is a big hit in my heart and in one of my sisters” heart too. She used to say it was her personal anthem!

    Changing subject: Miss M should release “Mary”, such a beautiful song.


    1. Yeah, I probably didn’t express that right. I thought it had the potential for commercial glory….it’s such a majestic song, great mix, great lyrics, melody, and Bette’s voice goes places it had never been before….And yes, Mary should have been released….

  4. I love the song To Deserve You but I really don’t like remixes. I also think Mary should have been released and September. Those are both beautiful songs.

  5. I know. I was just saying I don’t like remixes much that’s all. Just putting in my two cents again.

  6. I love both the ballad and remix of To Deserve You. I never get tired of listening to it:) one of my biggest favorites:).

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