BLB Jukebox: The Greatest Ears In Town

I’ve added a low quality version of Bette’s new song, The Greatest Ears In Town, to the BLB jukebox for your enjoyment. I still want you to buy the CD so Bette gets her royalties since she did co-write the song. Here’s the CD it is from…and it has been getting rave reviews: Click Here

Featuring New Track By Bette Midler

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10 thoughts on “BLB Jukebox: The Greatest Ears In Town

  1. She’s really outdone herself here! The lyric is smart and funny, her voice sounds wonderful and her trademark mid-song patter is so cute!

    What a beautiful way to memorialize a great man!

  2. I don’t know if anyone reads this. This is the first time I write a comment. I haven’t done it before because I don’t find a useful purpose for this, but this time I think it is worth telling that I liked Bette’s new song. I cannot give a more professional opinion, since I don’t know about composing songs. However, I’m glad to listen to something different from what can be listened nowadays, that is, Lady Gaga and company, which I totally hate.
    Once again, Bette did it!

  3. Lets hope Bette’s new album (whenever that comes out) will feature these types of songs! Love it!

  4. As I listen to this song I think about how right I am…LOL! At this point of her career Bette is still creating and trying and experimeting…makes me think about the version for Yoko’s song for John Lenon and now this…that’s my girl…hope she’ll record an album full of her own songs…I bet my ass she has them all kept somewhere as slowly she feels more confident to release them…she still makes my day…when I think I’m finally starting to get over her, I realize I can’t live without her…LOL!

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