Sam Harris Sings “Steal Away Again” Written By Bette Midler

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12 thoughts on “Sam Harris Sings “Steal Away Again” Written By Bette Midler

  1. Is this a song Bette recorded but never released as well? Someone needs to light a fire under her to release these because that song is BEAUTIFUL. I wanna do it now!

    1. Spencer, I don’t know if she ever recorded it herself, but several artists have covered it: Carole Bayer Sager, Bruce Roberts, Lisa Hartman, and it seems like a few more. I’ve featured them before in the Other Voices section. This is the first time I heard Sam do it though and I loved it!

  2. i just cried…that was so beautifully heart breaking. i want to hear bette sing it. Sam was amazing though…

  3. What a Beautiful song!!!!
    Wonder how many other song’s Bette’s written that we don’t know about????
    Thank Mr D.


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