When Birthdays Go Horribly Wrong…Sorry Jamie!!!

Mister D: Well, I wanted to let everyone know I had a dreamy birthday party. Good music, close friends and family, a wonderful mate, great music, playing Rock Band, and getting my very own blue convertible mini-cooper!!!! Yay, ssssssscccccrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

HOWEVER, some people, like my friend, Jamie, didn’t quite have the same modicum of luck! Yes, someone had a great birthday party, but the end result was tear-rific, not terrific. I’ll let Jamie tell it to you herself:

So, after a fun b-day gig at Viv’s house, I return home to find this scattered all over my family room floor. “What is it?” you may ask. Well, I’ll tell you…my dog, somehow, started chewing on anything sticking out of the bookcase in my bedroom and managed to pull out not just one but BOTH of my programs from Bette’s Kiss My Brass tour!!!

For those of you who know, each program was different during the tour and now thanks to my “adorable” Lilah, I now have NONE!!!

I know that some of you (Kimm!) will get a big kick out of this but I may need therapy to recover – LOL!

The next pix I send you will be of the 2nd program (she thought she’d spread the fun around the house a little) that was torn to shreds in the living room. She didn’t miss a page in either of the programs…Bette’s head had more teeth marks in it that I can even explain 🙁


I know we all feel Jamie’s pain, so please send a little love her way. She’ll recover, but I just know that odd, sinking feeling when something Bette gets destroyed or lost. If I had any extra copies I’d send it to you in a heartbeat. Keep your eyes glued to Ebay and the like or maybe some Betteheads will come to your rescue.

Love, Mister D

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4 thoughts on “When Birthdays Go Horribly Wrong…Sorry Jamie!!!

  1. WOW… that suuucks. That dog freaking killed that thing. If my dog did something like that to any of my Bette stuff I would have to kick the stuffing out of him. lol Lots of love : (

  2. Oh I’m so sorry about what happened Jamie. I know how it feels — I got so depressed when I lost some of my Bette stuff too, I was inconsolable — they are priceless. I will keep my eyes and ears open:) and will post it here when I find something on eBay or other sources so you’ll find a replacement for your precious programs:)

  3. Tks for your condolences. I am laughing about it now (although I am still in therapy) and hubby & I still cannot figure out how she got to them.
    However, I immediately removed my ETD program, with multiple news artilces and interviews, and stored it away on a shelf in my office closet.
    Now lets see the little “Hudini” find it – LOL!

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