Bette’s Garden Party July 20 by Shaunna B.

Hi, Mister D!

I just wanted to write and tell you that yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) I was able to attend an NYRP garden opening in Manhattan. I’ve never visited any of Bette‘s gardens before and it was so nice to see firsthand how her work makes New York City a better place.

It was a beautiful afternoon (I’ve attached some pics) and it’s no wonder that the rain held out just until it was over…Mother Nature is definitely on Bette’s side!

Take Care,

PS: More Pics – CLICK HERE

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7 thoughts on “Bette’s Garden Party July 20 by Shaunna B.

  1. Thank You Shaunna, GOOD pictures!
    And wauw does Bette look healthy, look at the one where she really laughs!This women knows how to live.

  2. Thanks for sharing Shaunna:). Bette looks relaxed and lovely as ever. And yes, Mr. D. looks like we now have a confirmation and an end to our lively discussion (lol!) over Bette’s hair for this season (lol!)– it appears that the Divine opted to have a shorter hair for the summer:).

    1. I don’t blame her for the short look….it’s cute and it’s so effing hot outside who could blame her!

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