Video: Bette Midler Junket Interview for Cats and Dogs The Revenge of Kitty Galore (Part 2) -Thanks Divine Grace!

Mister D: If you listen closely there sounds like we might get a Showgirl DVD….you never know.

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15 thoughts on “Video: Bette Midler Junket Interview for Cats and Dogs The Revenge of Kitty Galore (Part 2) -Thanks Divine Grace!

  1. OMG! I got sooo excited with what Bette said, it felt like I was having these butterflies in my stomach! I am so happy to see this 2nd part interview – happy Monday for me. Thanks, Mr. D.:)

  2. 1) Awwww…she seems interested being a judge on American Idol – I really hope they get her, she’ll make a good judge on the show, plus she said in some interviews she’ll make a good agent (she can easily spot who’s got ‘it’). It would be very interesting to see her become an AI judge.

    2) Glee – she’s interested too, I hope they get her!

    3) Showgirl DVD – this really made me tremendously excited:) and also when she mentioned like she’s got some future plans for another show/s (though on a “smaller scale” than TSMGO) which I’m really looking forward to no matter when it would be (lol!)

  3. I’m sorry to discourage all of you a little, but I have to. I’ve been excited with Bette’s promising future many times and I can’t deny that my first reaction was that when I saw this interview, but the truth is that with the time I was disappointed because the would-be projects were never fullfilled (First Wives Club 2, need I say more). I want the best for Bette, because her “best” makes part of my happiness, but let’s calm down and see what happens before getting too excited as if the project had bbeen realized.



    1. Well I spoke to the home office and something is coming of the Showgirl thing,,,,it may not be a DVD, but it could be a special…they won’t discuss, but otherwise I tend to agree with you Bruno as someone who has followed her career for some 40 years now….

  4. She promised to come back and tour the UK when she was interviewed on Parkinson in 2006. And that never materialised.. Just saying.. 😉

    1. I think she says stuff she wants to do and then finds out she just can’t do it all…or like that saying of hers I never know how much I say is true or something like that…..

    1. I’ve gotten to where I don’t believe everything she says in public…don’t shoot me….I only believe what they tell me thru emails. I never could get a good answer on the CD so I questioned it. I know right now she is without a label, so that may have a lot to do with it….although it shouldn’t be hard for her to get back on one….

  5. Well, that was really surprising for me, without a label!
    Just not to make this short story long, I think she really has desires and projects, but she may have barriers that keep her far from achiving her goals. I imagine millions of barriers, but the truth is only known by the Divine Miss M… aaaaaaand may be by Mister D, but he might get killed, if he reveals it. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  6. Ok…I hear y’all — whatever it is I’m just going to wait. Mr. D knows better — can’t beat 40 something years of Bette (I only have 50% of that:)) But really, Mr. D., whatever you say I believe (I try hard lol! – kdding!).

    Thanks again:) and meowwww:) ala Kitty Galore, hehehe!

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