BetteBack: Bette Serenades Rosie On Finale Week

Bette Midler Serenades Talk Show Host Rosie O’Donnell On ‘The Rosie O’Donnell Show‘ on Monday, May 13.
Article from:PR Newswire
Article date:May 10, 2002

NEW YORK — As Rosie O’Donnell winds down her six-year stint of hosting “The Rosie O’Donnell Show,” some of her favorite guests are stopping by to say their goodbyes and wish her well. On Monday’s show (May 13), Bette Midler serenades Rosie as she did Johnny Carson a decade ago. Bette also lets us know that he was not the only one for whom she did a last guest stint. “I also was the last guest on Krusty’s show — on ‘The Simpsons.’ I think I did the same act.”

Midler also sings a song parody to Rosie and warns her not to do a sitcom after she is finished with her talk show.

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