Priscilla: Midler Ain’t Fiddlin’ Around

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Midler in the middle of a major musical
October 24, 2010
Richard Ouzounian

If you thought you saw Bette Midler in the audience of the Princess of Wales Theatre at Sunday’s matinee preview of Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical, you were right.

The Divine Miss M was paying her third visit to the show since signing on as its leading producer just as it went into previews on Oct. 12.

She’s certainly a perfect match for the flamboyant story of three drag queens in the Australian outback because her over-the-top style is in synch with the show’s production values.

But it’s fascinating that unlike other celebrity producers (say Oprah Winfrey with The Color Purple), Midler isn’t content to sign a cheque, post her name and keep away.

No, all reports indicate that she’s been a constructive, hardworking and much-appreciated source of notes and inspiration during the preview period. But now, according to a company member who spoke to her on Sunday, she feels “the show is in great shape and ready for opening night.”

That big event takes place on Tuesday and Midler promises to be there too.

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