Poll: What Were Your Top 3 Favorite Performances From HBO’s TSMGO?

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7 thoughts on “Poll: What Were Your Top 3 Favorite Performances From HBO’s TSMGO?

  1. I voted one of them for the Glory of Love segment HOWEVER…I liked the original incarnation where she is Soph recounting her days backstage in burlesque/vaudeville and does a whole ‘find your light’ bit. That sold the ENTIRE concept of the show for me so I was sad not to see that.

  2. I really enjoyed Friends and the whole Soph segment and though it’s not a Bette segment, i loved the second intermission.

    1. Oh good, Mihai…I didn’t even think of putting the non-Bette stuff up but I enjoyed that very much myself…

  3. Can I interject with a funny and true story that happened at work today that is Bette related? One of my duties at work is to process paperwork for folks who travel to international locations with their pets. Today, I received documents for a lady who is traveling to Guatemala with her pet shih tzu. On the document it listed the dog as being 7 1/2 months old and a service dog. A service dog?? A shih tzu?? 7 1/2 months old?? Then, in my warped little mind, I said to myself…”they gave you a fucking shih tzu!?!?!?” That gave me the giggles all day long!! My co-workers kept asking me “what are you laughing about?” but I wouldn’t tell them.

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