Bruce Vilanch On The Oscars

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6 thoughts on “Bruce Vilanch On The Oscars

  1. If facebook can start a campaign to get Betty White to host SNL, we should start a campaign for Bette to host the Oscars. She is by far the best live peformer and she works well with Bruce. It’s amazing that she is not even considered. A hollywood insider yet still very much an outsider….Celebrity royalty, a singer, a dancer, someone who is quick on her feet and able to move a show along…….honestly bette 2012 oscars!

    1. Jill….she has been considered over and over again but she keeps turning the job down, She thinks if she bombs it’s a career killer! But I highly doubt she would bomb. She’d be fantastic. Anyway, I just wanted you to know the Academy isn’t stupid….they knew to ask her!

    2. I’m not arguing with you. I’m just stating her reasons. I guess she really is afraid to do it….but who knows, sometimes the older you get, the less fear you have….

  2. It didn’t kill the careers of David Letterman, Whoopi Goldberg or Jon Stewart and all of them are considered to have “bombed” (although I personally loved it when Whoopi and Jon hosted).

  3. Speaking of career-killers: She wasn’t afraid to do Drowning Mona, Isn’t she great and Bette (the sitcom), all in a row… Her acting projects have more often than not been failures during the last two decades, but as a live-performer she is still the best by far: The Oscars would be the perfect stage to showcase all her talents – and even increase the chances that we might get to see her again in a decent movie!

    1. In her defense, the Oscar’s are seen by close to a billion prople, much more than any single movie. That cab play some weird mind games on someone. We all know fear can be irrational.

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