Notes On Priscilla


Went to the opening night of previews last night. The show was AMAZING!!!! I went with Donna Maxon & sat in the orchestra seats. The costumes were awesome, the set was beautiful, the actors had so much energy. It was MUCH better than the movie. Everyone thought she was Bette. Bette was at the show with her assistant. She had her hair short, her glasses on and a scarf. She was sitting one level above us in the mezzanine and walked right by us on her way out as the show was getting out. She didn’t want anyone to notice she was there, but most wouldn’t have recognized her. It was funny because Donna was actually a decoy because she was getting a lot of attention. It made it easier for Bette to make a quick get away. After Bette left we went to the stage door and met the cast. The producers even invited Donna to the after party. I have to say Donna is a gracious person. One girl walked up to her with tears in her eyes asking for an autograph. Donna never says she’s Bette Midler and gives her business card to anyone who asks for an autograph. She only portrays Bette in the best light, but people still think she’s Bette on her days off! It was a great night.

Matt P.

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