Midler On The Elevator (at Carnegiie Hall)

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5 thoughts on “Midler On The Elevator (at Carnegiie Hall)

  1. I absolutely adore Bette Midler with all of my heart but you can see that she is totally starting to show her age in this photo. Bette, I love you young or old because you are my hero- hands down. I love you Miss M!

  2. I think she looks a bit vulnerable here but still wonderful 🙂 I love her even though I´m still not a fan of her short hair. :S

    thanks for this pic 🙂

  3. Every once in a while there is a particularly special and unique photo of Bette. This is certainly one. It is intimate in a way that allows the viewer to feel like we’re sharing that elevator with The Divine, herself. A glimpse beneath the facade.
    Thanks Don

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