NYRP Web site Nominated for Webby Award: VOTE TODAY!

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I have some very exciting news to share”¦

NYRP’s web site (www.nyrp.org) has been named one of the top five contenders for a Webby Award in the Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit category, and we are the only local non-profit to make the cut. We’re competing against PBS, Crowdwise, VoteEasy and Historypin.

In addition to being voted on by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, the Webby Awards has introduced a People’s Voice Award. To win, we need you to vote for NYRP’s Web site, as well as ask your colleagues and friends to vote for us!

Voting closes April 28th, so please vote TODAY!

Step 1: Go to http://webby.aol.com/media_types/web
Step 2: Scroll down to SOCIETY category and click on CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS/NON-PROFIT
Step 3: Register to vote ”“ you can also vote through your Facebook or Twitter account
Step 4: VOTE for NYRP’s Web site!

In addition to voting, please send an e-mail to your office colleagues and friends asking them to support NYRP’s online presence. In just one year, our redesigned www.nyrp.org increased traffic to NYRP’s Web site by 178% and page views by 626%!


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