BetteBack: Ribbing Jane Fonda

The Register
James Brady
Thursday, Jan. 6, 1983

M I D L E R: RIB J A NE – Bette Midler is t u r n i ng into a Joan Rivers. The Di v i ne Miss M opened in a Hollywood c lub wi th a spate of jokes about Jane Fonda and others.

Twitting Jane Fonda about her phys i c al f i tne ss c amp a i g n, Bette c r a cked: “Did you not i ce her in ‘On Golden Pond‘? She walked around the whole time with her t u m my pulled in.”

Bette reminded the audience that Sophie Tucker used to tell r a u n c hy stories. “Now t h e y ‘ re a.ll ‘Sophie’s Choice‘ stories.”

And, of course, there were lots of Va l l ey Girl jokes.

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