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Bette-Related: Meet Olivia Newton John’s Daughter Chloe Lattanzi

Chloe Lattanzi, Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter, Stirs Controversy With Graphic Debut Music VIDEO
July 27th, 2011 by Castina

Kids…Always a disappointment. Suicide! Drugs! Electrocution! If it was attention that Chloe Lattanzi wanted — she’s got it.

The 25-year-old aspiring pop star and daughter of Grease actress/singer Olivia Newton-John released her debut music video earlier this month, and let’s just say this ain’t no “Physical.” Chloe has left the blogosphere and Twitterverse scratching it collective heads after the release of “Play With Me,” a visual packed with simulated violence, drug abuse, and suicide.

Her mother must be so proud.

The video features Chloe desperately trying to catch the attention of a distant lover — by slitting her wrists, sharing a bathtub with electrical appliances, and snorting white powder.

Of course, parents groups are freaking out about it, saying Chloe is “glorifying harmful behavior.”

“I think it’s sad that this young woman has such a need for attention that she needs to push the envelope of good taste and appropriateness this far,” said Elizabeth Handsley, President for the Australian Council for Children and the Media. “This simply glamorizes a range of harmful behaviours and does nothing to help empower young people to cope (with) relationship problems.”

Chloe’s responded to the backlash by posting a pouty YouTube video defending her “art.”

“It’s about dying inside in front of the one you love, and that person not noticing what’s really going on inside you, being unseen, unheard and desperate for love and attention,” Chloe explained. “The concept is actually quite dark, but not literal in meaning.”

She added: “It’s purely just for artistic value. I don’t want to kill myself, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to kill anybody, I don’t want anyone to die, it’s all just in the name of fun. Some people are taking it a little bit too seriously and getting all preachy and all this bullshit,” the waify wildchild further retorted.

“But it is an artist’s job to challenge ideas. I have a lot of gratitude, though, for your attention to me. Bring on the negativity because I am a good person.”

The music video is a prelude to Chloe Lattanzi’s forthcoming album, due out later this year.

Brace yourselves…

“I have enough songs done that I could have already had three albums out by now, but because of my fear of the limelight, I have waited this long to release anything,” according to Lattanzi. “The creative process; writing songs and producing them, is actually my favorite part of the whole process. The red carpet and being in front of lots of people scares me to death. I’m in this purely because the creative process is the most fun and greatest release I can get — you could call it my drug of choice,” she says.

The album will be a culmination of years of writing and recording, a craft Chloe claims she’s been honing from a very young age.


“This project will be completely new songs I have written as well as some
material pulled from when I was much younger. It’ll be a whole life’s journey in one record!”

Chloe’s used to attracting the limelight for all the wrong reasons. -She began her career as an actress, making her acting debut at age 7 in a cameo on the Australian soap Paradise Beach in 1993. She moved on to a bigger
roles in Bette Midler’s 2001 sitcom and in Showtime’s production The Wilde Girls. After publicly battling depression and anorexia, she went on a rampage against her mom before eventually winding up on the MTV talent show Rock the Cradle, where she finished in third place.

Now engaged to jiu-jitsu instructor James Driskill, Chloe will soon star in the new Oxygen series in development Lost Angels, which will featureLattanzi as she and her female posse run wild in the streets of Hollywood.

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    1. I think she was in the episode with her mother….and yes the video was horrible….they lost me with the guy on the toilet!

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