Video: Bette Midler “Kiss My Brass” Tour Behind The Scenes!

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9 thoughts on “Video: Bette Midler “Kiss My Brass” Tour Behind The Scenes!

  1. Thank you. Short but so sweet. I absolutely loved KMB. It is my favorite of all the Bette Concerts that I’ve seen. I wish it would be released on DVD. Love Shiver Me Timbers, I Think It’s Going To Rain Today, Skylark, The Rose video and Keep on Rockin’, Mr. Rogers Tribute, and September, what a lovely song. I saw the show in San Jose CA, 2-2004, Bette asked the audience to sing The Rose with her, she stopped singing and the audience took over, at the end of it Bette was in tears. Such wonderful memories!!!! Love you Bette!!! Thank You Don!!!

  2. i think that most of her fan just loved this concert. I am in that category too! One of the most emotional, beautiful, funny and just brillian shows i ever saw. Truly my favorite of all time! Thank you for sharing this clip! I wish one day this happens to find itself on a DVD and into my home!!

  3. My favorite show as well! I went to see it twice; both times travelling to the US all the way from Switzerland- I keep hoping with you Mr D

  4. I mean, if they need someone to do all the music clearance, I will gladly do it! For free! I’m a pretty great negotiator. Tell Bette’s people to give me the full tracklist and I’ll get started! 🙂

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