“Us And Them” Changed To “Parental Guidance” – Released 2012

Billy Crystal, Bette Midler make film in Alpharetta
‘Parental Guidance’ deals with generational differences
by Matthew Quinn
October 11, 2011

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Billy Crystal and Bette Midler were in Alpharetta this week filming their latest movie, a comedy called “Parental Guidance” directed by Andy Fickman and produced by 20th Century Fox and Walden Media.

“It’s about grandparents,” said Andy Lipschultz, the publicist for the movie.

In the film, Crystal and Midler are asked to watch their grandchildren in Atlanta while their daughter, played by Marisa Tomei, and her husband go on vacation.

“They sort of forgot what it’s like to raise kids,” Lipschultz said.

Raising kids a generation ago and raising them today are quite different prospects. this no doubt lead to some comic situations.

The company filmed two days at 165 Pebble Trail, a yellow ranch-style house, for two days despite a drizzling rain. The scenes they shot are supposed to take place earlier in the movie in Fresno, Calif.

Two days’ work of filming was quite the logistical feat. At least six semi-tractor trailers were lined up on Pebble Trail while the interiors and the backyard were filmed at the house.

“We didn’t shoot the front yard,” Lipschultz said. “It just doesn’t look like Fresno.”

From here the film crew goes to Atlanta for more shooting. The film is scheduled come out in 2012.

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