Bette Being Smeared In Right Wing Publications On-Line Due To Joy Behar Show

Mister D: After wasting much precious time and talking to Prince Charming and Ron, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just not worth arguing or trying to talk sense into these people no matter how rationale you are….let’s just be glad Bette is relevant enough to piss them off so much. Let them say what they will….it only makes them look bad and ignorant. Since when did free speech digress to being just ugly! Very depressing!

If you have some time, fight back. All these people are are name callers and do nothings:

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Thanks, Mister D

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9 thoughts on “Bette Being Smeared In Right Wing Publications On-Line Due To Joy Behar Show

  1. I have no inclination to interact with these brainless creatures, but I enjoy the fact that they are angered by Bette’s offer. Their talking bad about her is a compliment!

    The “interview” with Joy was flat and uninspired – as one would expect from such a tasteless broad; I wonder why Bette keeps coming back to her… How many more times does she wanna feel embarrassed by that same Geraldo question?
    Bette looks great these days! I salute her for taking good care of her body and for her persistent discipline in her work-out!

    1. I see what you mean….it’s just plain useless and a waste of time i’ve found out trying to interact with those people…..there’s just no intelligent conversation to be had….

  2. I’ve noticed a continual degradation of decency, common sense, and respect over the years. Yes, we’re all faced with economic issues and struggles, but that’s no reason for the level of mean-spiritedness and shoot-from-the-hip diatribes that I read on these right-wing (and occasionally left-wing) political blog posts.

    The amount of name-calling and outrageous comments that are posted as “fact” has reached gargantuan proportion. I was watching CNN this morning, and their latest poll shows only 9% of the population believes Congress is doing a good job. The country has become so heavily divided, making it impossible for any level of progress to continue. Obama has even supported many of the Republican ideas (and ideals), but when packaged as legislation, the GOP shoots it down just because it came from Obama, and they’re only mission is to get him out of office–regardless of what it does to the people who are struggling or suffering, or even for the merits of some of the ideas that they originally proposed.

    It’s sad Mister D, but you’re absolutely correct–“there is no intelligent conversation to be had”–there is just too much closed-mindedness. Here we live in a country where Freedom of Speech is a cherished right, and it’s been bent to nothing but a series of angry, vicious slugfests, filled with slander, libel and ugly posturing.

    Yes, I’ll pass……

    1. Very well said and so true! I forgot what it was like to have an intelligent conversation on these boards….it’s just not going to happen. I apologize for even asking people to participate, but that was before I knew or remembered what a waste of time it was… bad!

  3. No, I think you were spot-on to ask for our support whilst Bette is/was being tossed about in the media.

    However, once I started to read some of the blogs, and comments said about her, I quickly saw how futile it was to engage in conversation with most of these right-wing, tea party, radical morons!

    Her previous “relationship” with Geraldo is now on the front page of AOL, via the Huffington Post, and the responses to that are just as inane and uncomplimentary. To try to win an argument, as some of these posters do, by calling someone an “old hag” and other unflattering (and very untrue!) comments, makes a two-way conversation futile.

    Bette is still young, creative, beautiful and relevant! She is an icon, with a tremendous resume, who has successfully conquered and accomplished peaks of talent in all facets of the entertainment industry. She deserves no less than our appreciation, recognition, and admiration.

    To everyone else–fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke!!

    1. Thank you….I made one last comment and said goodbye….I’m sure it went over like a lead balloon. Never again will I engage in something so futile. I already have a problem with depression…. I can take what they say about Bette because I know what she means to me and the others that love her….what I can’t stand or take is the cruelty of humankind…

  4. Bette looks great and it seems like she is really enjoying herself at this point in her life…I don’t give a shit about anything else. 🙂

    Well, I’m sorry to say this, but the best interviews I’ve seen in the past years were given to journalists outside US….:-/ I don’t even bother to dislike the questions they ask Bette. She’s so smart, she’s just too good for those silly interviewers…I believe she is just promoting her auction for NYRP and I think all she is doing related to this is great…XOXO

    1. You’re right….the best interviews have been the foreign ones….the ones in the US are so formulaic they all read alike. The Foreign Press asks some really interesting and different questions. All I cared about is that she said she was not retiring from acting and singing….and of course she will continue to be an activist for whatever she believes in….BTW…she mentioned that during Divine Madness she was dating her guitarist which was Chas Sanford….I’ve met him several times in Nashville and he has nothing but incredible things to say about her….Also, he is an incredible songwriter and his CD, which I have posted on the left sidebar is incredible. He said he really wants to write with Bette!

  5. I know! I’ve seen the menu on the right side! LOL! I thought it was hilarious that she said she doesn’t mention him in her house…I certainly don’t mention certain men in MY house! LOL! BTW, I would love if Bette released an entire album with songs written by her….XXOO

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