Joy Behar: Bette Midler talks sex with Geraldo and costumes

Bette Midler visited HLN’s The Joy Behar Show yesterday, and when she wasn’t offering to support the Occupy Wall Street protesters with port-a-potties, she shared some interesting details from her earlier career with host Joy Behar. When asked about the claim made by Geraldo Rivera in his own book that he and she had sex, Midler declared “sex with Geraldo was nothing to write home about!”

There must have been something in the stars yesterday that conspired to get Joy Behar’s in-studio television pals to discuss potentially embarrassing sex secrets. Yesterday on The View, Whoopi Goldberg discussed her vibrator habits, then later in the day Midler discussed making the beast with two backs with Geraldo. While the “Divine Miss M” seemed to recoil at the question asked by Behar, she seemed more upset that it was a detail written in the book more than her recollection of her tryst with Geraldo, who she added “was cute back then.”

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7 thoughts on “Joy Behar: Bette Midler talks sex with Geraldo and costumes

  1. LMAO! Joy is really obsessed with that, isn’t she? It’s she second time she asks Bette about it…LOL! Or maybe she is following Larry King’s footsteps on not remembering the questions she had already asked….LOL!

  2. I think it’s offensive that Joy brought that question up again. Even though it’s from a viewer, Joy knows what she’s doing and she is trying to be funny but it’s rude. I also didn’t like how she made a big deal about Helen Mirren replacing her. Like it was such a shock and disbelief how the two could even be close in comparison to play the same role. Other than those two things I enjoyed the interview and I thought Bette looked fabulous.

  3. Well, I haven’t seen the whole thing…in any event, Bette looks amazing and happy….that’s all I care about…:-P

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