Our Very Own Matt Scares The BeJesus Out Of Miss M!

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8 thoughts on “Our Very Own Matt Scares The BeJesus Out Of Miss M!

  1. I’ve said this before but needs to be said again. Matt is DAMN SEXY!!! The sexiest vampire since Eric from true blood!

  2. HAHAHAHA! SO KIND OF YOU! Bette was in FULL CHARACTER MODE here. She just happened to be walking by and stopped to say hello….she got really high pitched here and kept saying “you’re terrifying!” I said “Well, don’t ya recognize me?” “She said “Of course I do but you look terrifying!” LOL…Then she grabbed my hands & we posed. I have to say I couldn’t have DREAMED my life better (though I have for many years): Bette has been so gracious to me & I feel I owe her by helping out with NYRP and doing all that I can. She put me on her guest list for Hulaween & for that I am forever indebted. Hulaween was a little smaller this year and I saw Bette visit just about every table even the ones in the back! Thank you for the kind posts.

  3. So jel our your picture! It’s so cool that she knows who you are. If I was on a first name bases with Bette Midler I think I would just die. Maybe if I ever get to meet her again i’ll thorugh out your name so she can’t help but love me cause she loves you!Great picture again.

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