My Friend, Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist, Janine And “The Trilogy Of M’s”

Mister D: If I were you, I’d take a listen at all three of Janine’s CD’s! What an incredibke voice and songwriter! My own personal fave is her latest CD, “Wakin’ Up”, so give it a try….

I met Barry Manilow on Wednesday night!!! He was performing last month at a 2000 seat theatre here in DC where I work in the box office part time. I weasled my way into the meet and greet afterward. He was really nice as I gushed about him, Bette and Melissa Manchester being my holy trinity when I was around 14. I told him I have three CDs, songwriting awards, etc and thanks for being such a great inspiration. I don’t even remember what he told me but he was really great.

I have met two thirds of my holy trinity (Barry, Bette Midler and Melissa Manchester) and only Bette remains!

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Much luv,


Almost Blue Music/BMI

Washington Area Music Association Winner ”“ 2010 Album of the Year, Roots Rock Album, Song of the Year and Vocalist

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