Bette has a body to rival most twenty year-olds

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Bette busts out: Ms. Midler shows off her girlish figure in a tight-fitting corset costume
Last updated at 6:44 PM on 29th October 2011

Her costume is a bit ambiguous, but one thing is for certain: Bette Midler has a fabulous figure.

The fact that the Divine Miss M is 65-years-old makes it even more amazing that she has a body to rival most twenty year-olds.

Bette put her best bits on display last night at her annual Hulaween party in New York City.

The party, which was held at the swanky Waldorf-Astoria hotel, benefits the New York Restoration Project.

She was close to busting out of her tight-fitting black corset with a white ruffled trim.

Her tight-fitting black and white skirt showed off her great shape, though was of a modest length.

Besides the view she put on display, it was her headpiece that was the focus of her outfit.
Her black veil was adorned with brightly-coloured flowers and pieces of ribbon.

Her wild headgear is only fitting for a woman who produces a Broadway show about drag queens.

Her show, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, is currently on the Great White Way.

The still-sexy singer and actress recently went on HLN’s Joy Behar Show to spill the details on her infamous affair with Fox News host Geraldo Rivera.

Apparently, the affair was less than divine.

‘I wouldn’t write about having sex with Gerald. Ew!’ she told Behar. ‘I had sex with Geraldo, but I don’t think I would write about it. It was nothing to write home about!’

She defended sleeping with the host, however, saying: ‘He was cute in those days’ though added, ‘he’s not adorable anymore.’

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