Happy Halloween My Dearest BetteHeads!

Happy Halloween My Dearest BetteHeads! And anyone else that drops by! I know this doesn’t sound Halloweenie, but thank you all for your support through all my trials and tribulations. It’s a testament to ya’lls good character and shows that Bette has the best fans in the world. I just wanted to say “Thank You” Love, Mister D

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10 thoughts on “Happy Halloween My Dearest BetteHeads!

  1. Your worth every thought,and your right it truely amazing how wonderful Bette’s fans are I wonder if she has any idea how many people from around the world she has bought together in our little family people that I am proud to call friends. XXX

  2. Hi Don!

    I’m still enjoying Bootleg Betty! What has been going on with you? We’ve lost touch. Please know I think of you often and have been sending you so much positive energy.

    Nora aka OlRedHair

    1. Hospitalizations and horror stories Nora! So good to hear from you….long time no see or hear! Things got so bad when I recently got out and had so much memory loss I’m having to relearn how to certain aspects of BLB like the jukebox….I think I have it figured out now so new music up tomorrow…..xxoo

  3. Don: Congrats for being able to fight this…and come back strong! Just having BLB around is awesome…and you’ll do your updates whenever you are able! We all are so appreciative. Hang in there, Don!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Susan! I think I finally have the jukebox figured out….hopefully new music tonight and tomorrow….xxoo

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