Midler: Stoking The Uke Trend?

August 11, 2011, 10:00 PM EDT
By Mark Frauenfelder

(Elvis Costello, Bette Midler, Zooey Deschanel, Eddie Vedder, and Warren Buffett are stoking the uke trend)

While you might expect the ukulele boomlet to have lifted demand for vintage models, the hottest Hawaiian mini-guitars are made by Massachusetts-based The Magic Fluke. The Flea and larger cousin the Fluke have molded plastic bodies, yet aficionados swear they’re better than the classics. “The Flea is fret true, bright and clear, practically indestructible, and it’ll stand on its butt all by itself,” says actor William H. Macy, who also owns a 1950s Martin. “I don’t think Hitler would have ever invaded Poland had he learned to play a Flea.”

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3 thoughts on “Midler: Stoking The Uke Trend?

  1. On a side note, Jake Shimabukuro is playing in a handful of cities across the country in November and December. Ticketmaster has posted about 50 5-star reviewer comments on their website. Surprisingly, the cost of a ticket is only $20 with a $14 processing fee.

    I think my first ticket to see Bette in the 70’s was $7.50…..oh, inflation! (no complaints here, though……even when it became $200 a ticket, Bette was worth every cent!)

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