Lady Gaga Covers “White Christmas”

Lady Gaga has covered the festive classic ‘White Christmas’ and it has found its way online.

The ‘The Edge of Glory’ singer puts a Gaga-esque spin on the track that was made famous by legendary crooner Bing Crosby nearly 60 years ago.

‘White Christmas’ was written by Irving Berlin’s festive song that has been recorded by stars including The Supremes, Smokey Robinson, Bette Midler, LeAnn Rimes, Michael Buble and many more.

Gaga’s new rendition of the song that will be included on her upcoming Christmas EP, ‘A Very Gaga Holiday’, also has an extra verse.

During the track, Gaga says: “So as you can tell, I’m very outgoing and a little bit shy, but I’ve decided that this song is just too short. It’s such a beautiful Christmas song but it’s only one verse, so I added an extra one.”

Gaga’s new EP will be releases on November 26, and will also include acoustic versions of ‘You And I’, ‘The Edge of Glory’ and ‘Orange Coloured Sky’.

Earlier this week Gaga made a surprise appearance at the International Emmys that was hosted in New York.

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5 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Covers “White Christmas”

  1. I actually like Lady Gaga’s bluesy-jazzy take on the song. When I saw the HBO Special “Monster Ball”, I thought Gaga’s best performance was the one where she just said down at the piano, and sang–without all the histrionics, costumes, and gimmicks getting in the way. I understand her need to go over the top, in order to stand out from the crowd, but I think she’s quite good–perhaps even better–without all of that. At this stage in her career, it’s really unnecessary–she has a talent that can stand on its own. There’s not much different you can do with “White Christmas”, and I think Lady Gaga was able to tailor it to her persona, without mutilating the song.

    With that said, I still prefer Bette’s more traditional version of the classic, but Gaga’s is an interesting diversion. Nice of you, Mr. D., to put both of them up there! Speaking of the “Lady”, I wonder if she ever purchased any of Bette’s costumes during the auction–like the mermaid or the wheelchairs??

  2. Thank you! Also, it is at this time that we reflect on giving thanks to the people around us who have enriched our lives in some way. Mr. D., I would like to give thanks to you this year, for your continued perseverance, your health, and your commitment to all things Bette! You maintain your website with class and dignity, and keep us up-to-date on a daily basis–with insight, humor, and articulate detail.

    I read a lot of blogs, and your audience and fans who are committed to this site are also by far, the absolute best! Every blog comment is interesting, and I feel like I know some of them personally (and some I would like to!).

    So, keep up the great work! And yes, Happy Thanksgiving!!

    1. That’s so nice of you to say and instead of arguing wiith you I will accept your compliment with grace,,,,thank you very much! Love, Don

  3. Marcos….Bette’s film comes out next year at Thanksgiving, Nov 23, 2012. And I plan on seeing Dolly’s new movie… Also RJG is a gentleman! xx

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