Chita Rivera, Rita Moreno, and Bette Midler do AMERICA

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5 thoughts on “Chita Rivera, Rita Moreno, and Bette Midler do AMERICA

  1. Whaaaat?! I’ve never seen this! LOL Where & when & why did they do this?! It’s hysterical -even with Bette’s flubbub and seemingly irritating dress strap!

    1. This was for a charity I believe. Jill. the other 2 women are very familiar with the material …. they played major roles in West Side Story, Bette never did….so she is not that familiar, but i bet she was thrilled to be asked to do this flubs and all. I agree with you….she does look lost and she goes flub lyrics, but she show you that you just keep going….lol Thanks for the feedback

  2. I love Bette doing this! But she seemed to be a bit lost at times. I love when she hits herself in the head at the end of it. WONDERFUL!

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