BootLeg Betty

Garry Marshall The People’s Movie Maker Diva

Phoenix New Times Why Garry Marshall Is Hollywood’s Middlebrow Hero By Eric Hynes published: December 08,…

Photo: Miss Nefertiti Regrets, 1966

WARREN PINCUS, staged by TOM EYEN and upstaged by Bette Midler, Miss Nefertiti Regrets, 1966

Happy Hanukkah!!! Starring Bette Midler, Bruce Vilanch, And Mister D

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Bette Midler And Phaedra Parks: New BFFs – I Seriously Doubt It!

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Bette Midler and Phaedra Parks: new BFFs 11:58 am December 14, 2011, by Jennifer Brett Photo…

Who’s Listening To “Cool Yule?” Yeah I’m Asking You!

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