Bette Midler And Phaedra Parks: New BFFs – I Seriously Doubt It!

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Bette Midler and Phaedra Parks: new BFFs

11:58 am December 14, 2011, by Jennifer Brett

Photo by Sean Drakes for the AJCPhoto by Sean Drakes for the AJC

Comic actress Bette Midler has been in town filming “Parental Guidance.” The family-friendly comedy also starring Billy Crystal and Marisa Tomei comes out in time for Thanksgiving 2012.

It sounds like Midler made the most of her downtime ”“ she was spotted admiring the holiday decor at the St. Regis Hotel in Buckhead the other day, and a tipster spotted her at the Lenox mall Hermes store, too. Sources say she frequented Souper Jenny, an Atlanta favorite.

Midler also noted early in her stay that Atlanta loves driving almost as much as it loves calling streets the same name.

“Atlanta has 26 streets called Peachtree. But get this, no peach trees! However, parking lots for DAYS!” she tweeted in October.

Anyway, with “Parental Guidance” wrapping up Midler’s on her way. But not before enjoying one more Atlanta staple: the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“Sat next to Phaedra (Parks) from Housewives of Atlanta on the plane yesterday, and got me an earful of jaw-dropping chatter!” Midler tweeted on Monday. “Holy cow!!”

Parks, who retweeted the post, has become a fan favorite on the Bravo reality show that our colleague Rodney Ho blogs about so expertly. Here is his latest post.

Wonder if the chance meeting with Midler will make it into the next season?

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