Would You Like To See Bette On “Dancing With The Stars?” (Barf, I Say)

Mister D:

Well, you know where I stand! There’s a page created on Facebook called “We want to see Bette Midler on Dancing With The Stars” Personally, I can’t stand the show, but that’s just my opinion, so I thought I’d give ya’ll the choice to vote on or like the page: Click Here

This is what I had to say in my over the top joking way (but I don’t like the show):

We want to see Bette Midler on Dancing With The Stars
”Ž19 people? That’s IT?!?

Don Bootleg Betty Bradshaw I hope that’s it! Talk about D-List Celebrities! I would die if she ever did that show, but of course I would support her, but I think she would gouge her eyes out with her gardening tools before doing it. To me it is one of those shows that epitomizes everything wrong with TV! I’ll post something on my fan site to see if anybody else would like to see her on there….afterall, this is just my one opinion…..

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19 thoughts on “Would You Like To See Bette On “Dancing With The Stars?” (Barf, I Say)

  1. As much as I would like to see Bette do anything I would not like to see her on DWTS because I’m afraid she could re injure her neck

  2. only after Streisand danced there first. No, actually, not even then: That show (and commercials!) are not worthy of her talents – besides: don’t we have enough talent-free celebrities on the D-list who would gladly take the job- and the humiliation? I want Bette in a movie with Pacino or Nicholson – or Streep: something that has Oscar written all over it. I want a duet-album with the youngster who look up to her (hello Adele!)! Even in that Viagra-Diary-pilot with Goldie; but she is a class-act, one of a kind – and she (and the public) shouldn’t and forget about it!

    1. I don’t know…..but she sure looks sexy holding it…..Marcos, I accidentally deleted your other comment….I don’t even know what it said….my bad!

  3. NOOOO!!! I hate that show! It’s nothing but a bunch of used up has been actors, singers, sports players and loud mouth news anchors! Its like watching a wreck on the high way! I don’t think Bette would stoop as low to even consider going on that show. At least, for her poor sake, i hope not. She has to much talent for that show, and, she can dance…they wouldn’t know what to do with her. Although, i would love to see her during the consultation after the dance. Someone needs to put that loud mouth Brit in his place and i would pay big bucks to see Bette chew him out.

  4. Bette is too A-List for Dancing with the Stars. However, I hear they’re thinking of bringing on Stevie Wonder, which would be a real hoot! (I wonder how they’re going to show him how to do the jitterbug?). [my bad]

    As long as DWTS focuses on reality show “wannabes” and stars from 20-40 years ago, I would count Bette out. I’d certainly watch it, but it’s not a campaign I would actually root for. As princecharming noted, it’s not the right direction for a star of Bette’s calibre. The pay’s not all that great either (it increases with every week they stay on the air).

  5. while I would love to see more of Bette, I just don’t think this is right for her. Now if she wanted to be a guest host of a talk show every once and awhile I would love that. Maybe fill in for Joy on the view and see if anyone notices. JK. Bette has so many good things to say. I’ld love to hear more.

  6. Yeah when you think of the ‘forgettable’ stars they have on DWTS, there’s no way Bette should -or would- ever do it, in my opinion. Though there have been times they have picked some entertaining celebs (Kirstie Alley & Cloris Leachman come to mind)

  7. trust me i want all the Bette i can get, and even i wouldn’t want her to go on that show, she is far too good for it, and she can spend her time doing much better things for the entertainment industry.

  8. Bette would dance the socks off the competition. But I agree with what everyone has said already. That show is for people trying to redeem themselves. Bette is still at the top of her A game! Don’t do it Bette!! If she did though, the betteheads would surely be behind her and would recruit an army for her!

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