BetteBack August 15, 1991: Midler A Casting Coup For “Scenes”

Winnipeg Free Press
Allen and Midler terrific in Scenes Prom A Mall
August 15, 1991

SCENES FROM A MALLWoody Allen makes a rare foray into acting in a movie he didn’t write or direct in this cute, if lightweight comedy about marriage, love and hate all played out in a swank Beverly Hills shopping mall.

The coup here was casting Bette Midler as Allen’s wife. The two are terrific in what is essentially a two character play. He’s a neurotic (what else?) sporting-goods executive and she’s a psychologist who writes best selling books on marriage.

During a shopping spree in the mall the two explore their relationship, especially when Allen reveals that he had an
affair with a younger woman.

Director Paul Mazursky never gives the comedy much steam, but the leads are appealing in a funny look at real marriage in an unreal town. PG. ***

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