Films: The Best Of Outfest 2012 Preview

LA Weekly Outfest 2012 Preview: 9 Films to See By Ernest Hardy and Chuck Wilson Thursday, Jul 12 2012 (Bette…

Bette Tweets: New additions for Summer Intern Program for Volunteers

  BetteMidler New additions to @NYRP #summer programs calendar includes free concerts, domino tournament and more:

Parental Guidance Update: Marc Shaiman Recording The Movie Score (Thanks Molly)

(Marc Shaiman: Recording a movie score today with a big fucking orchestra. One of life’s greatest thrills.)

BetteBack Concert Review: Midler is, in a word, astounding ~ January 23, 1973

Chronicle Telegram Divine Miss M brings oldies to life but in her own inimitable fashion “Tacky woman’ has new definition…

Video: To Comfort You ~ Bette Midler

Lessons In Retail You Can Learn From The Movies

The Retail Doctor Retail Sales Training Lessons: 25 Movie Scenes You Can Learn From July 11, 2012 Movies provide some…

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