Hulaween Tix On Sale

Hulaween L’enfer (I believe this means “Hell”)

To benefit

Bette Midler‘s

New York Restoration Project (NYRP)

The Waldorf Astoria

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tickets start at 650.00 for balcony seats, then next are the ever fabulous $1000.00 seats.

I do believe the Buds get in for a cheaper price or free (but you have to be a member)…Buds spread the word on this….

Tickets then go up to 2500.00 each to 6500.00 Each…for whatever price ticket you pay, you’re helping NYRP provide certain functions…

Then you can buy tables of 10 going from $10,000.00 to $65,000.00. And these allow for a plethora of things NYRP can do…

So far, no word on the musical guest (s) or honorees.  Most likely this will be revealed on Bette Midler’s Official Site…

Love Mister D 

For further information, please call Anita Hall or Kaitlyn O’Connor at 914-579-1000 or email

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6 thoughts on “Hulaween Tix On Sale

  1. I would love to go to this event someday, but with tickets beginning at $650.00 that won’t happen I’m afraid. The money goes to a great cause and I’m sure the event would be worth it, but that is out of my league.

    I hope (and know) the event will be a huge success. Best of luck Bette!!!!

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