Video: Bette Midler – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – Retrospective (Done Right)

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4 thoughts on “Video: Bette Midler – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – Retrospective (Done Right)

  1. Hello Don,

    Don’t leave us…..come back……you’re my daily fix…..better than scrips…..

    Seriously, Mister D, we all respect your opinion, but please keep the site going!! You’re our soul and inspiration for everything divine! (Maybe even weekly or semi-monthly updates??). I’m loving you starting out with her early career, and going forward…..we have so much to catch up on!

    Whatever you decide, though, please know you’re the best, and I know how much tremendous effort you put into BLB, and am extremely grateful!!


  2. Don:

    Thank you for everything you’ve done for Bette and her fans (us). I hope you know how much I appreciate your endless hard work.

    You have to do what is right for you! Please take care of yourself! I wish you only the Best!!


  3. Don, I hope you know how much I respect and admire you. I know you’ve had some difficulty trying to grasp the latest generation of Betteheads… Yes, I struggle with it too because I remember having to really WORK hard at gaining information about Bette (pre-internet, I spent numerous days and nights at the library researching Bette’s career and life). It’s just different now. Information/pictures/articles/videos are so easy to obtain these days. And, here’s the kicker, you’ve had a hand in it—which I see as a wonderful contribution to her legacy! You’re a trailblazer and that is something to be extremely proud of. I think you should hold your head high. We love you Mister D!

  4. I see some of you little devils got through the comments page….I’ve been working constantly on and off the last 2 days trying to close them off before the shit hits the fan….the election season. I thought I’d take the opportunity to address the people who got through and to those that are emailing (I don’t know if I can get back to you all individually….it would defeat my purpose for a break) I appreciate all the feedback…and it means the world to me to hear from you all. But the last I looked “indefinite” does not mean permanent. I have had a horrific year personally, a nightmare, so to speak and i just can not handle another Presidential campaign season…I can’t do it mentally this year. In the last one the hate mail for Bette was overwhelming from the right…but after this year I know i’m not mentally capable of enduring it and BLB is a magnet for the haters, especially since she’s become even more outspoken than last time around…it’s already started since the Colorado shootings.

    I had written a more eloquent comment earlier, but my kittens jumped on the computer.

    After this past year, for my own well-being, I have to eliminate myself from the equation. I’m not abandoning Bette. I’m not abandoning the site forever. I hardly ever have taken breaks over the 10 year span of this site, so all I’m asking for is patience and a little peace. I’m already signed up to be proactive in the govt of my own community where i might be able to do some good, in the spirit of Bette, if you’d indulge me. I just need to be off the computer as much as I can.

    At this point, i’m already having trouble curtailing my anger and lashing out willy nilly at anybody. Some deservedly so, but not as harshly as I’ve been doing. And I don’t like that. I’ve written Bette’s camp and everything is kosher. They remember the toll it took last time…not just on me.

    Somebody mentioned Facebook. That is like an inconsequential gnat flitting about just throwing me off balance, but i didn’t like the way I handled things. No one will ever know the full truth out of that unfortunate unfolding of events, because there are not just two parties involved, but three. And I don’t blame a generation, just a handful. But i do realize times have changed. And you will never get the truth out of just one party…you need the other two (and this has nothing to do with Darrell). My instincts were to go to bat for Bette, but even they have acknowledged it’s a losing battle. One would think her fans would have more respect for their idol, but looking back calmly I would have probably done the same thing. My advantage or disadvantage is I’ve been connected directly since 2006 and know more about their wishes than those who don’t have that connection. And I guess I have an advantage there. I made a mistake when i tried to impart wisdom and what i knew to people who didn’t want to hear it…i was blocked, went public…and that was a mistake.

    Back to elections….Facebook and running a website are 2 different beasts. It’s like comparing a grape to a pumpkin. Maybe a couple of thousand to over a hundred thousand or more. On FB your limited and can control basically who can see your stuff and with their algorithm methods you see only about 10 percent of whom your connected to….with a website there is less control. You can moderate and hold comments in a que, close them down (which has been hit and miss with me I have found….lol) and also you can take down your contact info….but I like interaction with any fan….but you can’t help but see the hate mail unless you just close off comments and remove all contact information. That’s what I’m aiming for just for awhile.

    And i want to address one more thing. Yes, i have pushed legal boundaries, but I’ve always played by the rules as much as i can. I love research and it costs money for some of what i put up and many photos didn’t come free. Also for music streamed if you want to do it right, you have to pay licensing fees much like a nightclub/bar….if you don’t want to find yourself in hot water. Videos seem to be hit or miss though. In the early stages of You Tube we just informed a lawyer and the video came down. That seems to be changing.

    I just want you all to know as Betteheads I love you all, even if some of us butt heads. Bette even said that in an interview once….about how her audience was so varied they’d probably fight like cats and dogs if put in a room together. And she’s right, but most of the time i think we do pretty well.

    Love, Don

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