BetteBack 1974: The Aftermath Of The Tonys ~ The Alex Cohen Awards

Press Telegram
The Alex Cohen Awards
By Earl Wilson
April 26, 1974

Alex Cohen‘s awards at the Shubert and great party at the Americana must have cost $750,000. New Yorkers thought Charles Nelson Reilly and Nancy Walker were the funniest performers – very interesting, because they’re not on B’way anymore.

Liza Minnelli gave us a great line: “I don’t know if I’ve got a lucky star but I’ve got Fred Ebb,” referring to her song writer.

Bette Midler in the Wilson Poll won the title of “Girl Most In Need of Bra and Least Likely to Get One.”

The Tony Shows are better and richer than the Oscars. Cohen has done more for the theater than anybody since that sound-a-like Cohan – George M.

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