Video: To Deserve You ~ Bette Midler

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6 thoughts on “Video: To Deserve You ~ Bette Midler

  1. One of the most gorgeous music videos, wonderful songs and divine songstress I have ever experienced. I ADORE “To Deserve You”.

  2. Love love love this song, really wish this had been a big hit for Bette,
    So nice to see in an interview with Bette thats this was for husband Martin.
    Have always liked the video, my favorite, then would say Night And Day

  3. I love this video & song, so beautiful!!! From one of my favorite Bette CDs, so many wonderful ballads.
    I had not heard that Bette said this was for her husband, makes it more meaningful.
    I also love the Night & Day video. That’s a great CD also.
    Time for another new CD Bette!!

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