What Does Your Man’s Favorite Scary Movie Reveal About Him? Glamour Has The Answers!

What His Favorite Halloween Movie Says About Him
October 10, 2012
by Gena Kaufman

We’ve already discussed how one of the many great things about fall romance is snuggling up during a scary movie. But before you schedule a date to curl up on the couch and scare yourselves silly, decode what his choice of Halloween flick reveals about him.

 If he chooses one of these flicks, here’s what you can assume about him. Note: Not all of these are actually scary, because some men are babies. And so am I.

The Exorcist: He obviously did not have a Catholic mother to install a hearty fear of the devil in his soul or else he would be TOO SCARED TO EVEN TALK ABOUT THIS MOVIE. Um, hold me please.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: He’s a bit of a kid at heart, but in a good way. He appreciates nostalgia and the romance of hoping something great will come, even if there’s no reason to believe. Awwww.

Child’s Play: He may be a kid at heart too, but a kid you do not want to play dolls with.

Halloween: This fratty bro probably just has a thing for watching teenage babysitters. Or a severe problem with his sister.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: He’s either a really solid sleeper who doesn’t have bad dreams, or neither of you are getting any sleep tonight.

Carrie: He’s still mad he didn’t have a date to prom.

Paranormal Activity: He’s a protector and a problem solver. If something weird is going on in your house, he’s going to figure it out if it kills him. Um, literally.

Edward Scissorhands: He’s a hipster with a heart of gold.

Scream: He’s a horror film buff who loves to drone on about this spot-on parody of horror movie clichés, which doesn’t really matter to you if you still find parodies of horror movies to be totally scary because you’re a big fraidy cat (ahem).

Scary Movie: His idea of a clever parody joke is probably fart-centric.

Hocus Pocus: He’s your gay best friend, and it’s gonna be a delightfully Bette Midler kind of night.

Psycho: Not that there’s anything wrong with liking a classic, but this guy probably refuses to listen to music from this decade, and says things like “They just don’t make horror movies like they used to” and “Get off my lawn, kids!”

Addams Family Values: If he can quote lines from this hilariously genius, underrated movie and he then laughs hysterically, he is my future husband, so please back off.

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