BetteBack 1975: “Clams” Tasty Dish For Midler Fans

Seattle Daily Times
“Clams” Tasty Dish For Midler Fans
Patrick MacDonald
Friday, May 30, 1975

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3 thoughts on “BetteBack 1975: “Clams” Tasty Dish For Midler Fans

  1. At last! An unbiased review! And my, I’d love to hear Bette singing ‘Young Americans’, one of my favourite songs…

    1. I saw it live and that song kind of started the whole finale of the revue….when they sang “I heard the news today oh boy” the orchestra started playing that distorted instrumental part of the Beatle’s “A Day In The Life” while Bette whipped and twirled the mic chord into a frenzy and then she started singing the Beatle’s song and then back to David Bowie’s song….it was intense. I loved it….xx

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