BetteBack 1975: Clams Does Nothing But Entertain

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By Bill Crawford
May 14, 1975

“Clams on the Half Shell,” Minskoff TheatreThe Divine Miss M (Bette Midler) in her new self-styled “taste-free” revue does nothing but ENTERTAIN.

The show opens with a very well executed overture consisting of a medley from “Oklahoma!” An all-black chorus sings “Old Man River” while pulling in fish nets which dredge up a huge clam shell in which Miss M. is ensconced. Hence the revue’s name.

FROM THAT moment on, she is in complete control – singing, dancing, chatting with the audience and telling jokes. (“McDonald’s is featuring a new Hearstburger – no Patty.” or “I know what a bisexual is, but what’s a bicentennial?”)

Lionel Hampton, featured guest artist, and Bette’s Harlettes added greatly to an already enjoyable evening.

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2 thoughts on “BetteBack 1975: Clams Does Nothing But Entertain

  1. I know that Bette was born in Honolulu,Hawaii in 1945. I was born there also in August of 1944. My father owned Kau Kau Korner which I know Bette must be familer with. I wonder if it possible that we may have attended the same schools. I would like to know if she might be interested in talking to me. I am an actor and have been in the business for 25 years represented by the Jack Scagnetti Talent Agency in North Hollywood, California. You have my E-Mail number and my home phone is 661-948-9267. Would appreciate it if this could get to Bette Midler.

    1. All I know is that she went to Radford High. I’m not allowed to forward messages. You might try writing to the fan mail address on the home page. Xxoo

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