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Video: Bette Midler & Billy Crystal ~ Christmas In Rockefeller Center

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11 thoughts on “Video: Bette Midler & Billy Crystal ~ Christmas In Rockefeller Center

  1. This was fine and apropriate publicity for the film. But there are so many days for the movie to be out. I hope they have much more publicity around the actual release date. A great big junket with reporters from all around the world and the usual round on the American TV shows.

  2. I’ve been very impressed with the marketing so far. Recently, I have seen the movies “Flight” and “Lincoln”, and the trailer for Parental Guidance was shown before both movies. With three trailers, new poster(s), along with the power of Midler’s and Crystal’s talk show appearances–I’d say the promotion for the film has been wonderful, to date. I think Marco is right on, with the suggestion that the marketing efforts will also intensify in the days and weeks ahead. Both of these comedy legends seem ready for it, and welcome the opportunity to promote the film.

    The Rotten Tomatoes score for Parental Guidance has gone over 90% (interest level), which should add up to a very nice box office. Even with heavy competition at the theaters, this is a movie that will benefit from the overflow crowds of other (blockbuster) films, and remain the most family-friendly (let’s face it, “Les Mis” and “Django” offer pretty grim/depressing subject matters, and everyone loves a comedy). If the marketing continues, I could see Parental Guidance doing very well in the theaters.

    So far, the trailer for “Parental Guidance” has had over 600,000 views on YouTube, which is almost 10 times more than the trailer for that “other” comedy that opens a week earlier. I have high hopes and am very excited about seeing it on Christmas Day.

    Mister D, have you heard from anyone who has seen the movie at an advance screening? I’m curious to know what types of comments are being said about the movie.

  3. That’s OK, RJ.

    Mr. D, I reak a review on “Parental Guidance” that said its script was common place with very old jokes. Didn’t say a bad thing on Miss M, but didn’t praise the film or her work in it.

    If RJ is right, GOOD, The Divine One will win over Streisand’s movie. But what I really fear are the blockbusters like The Hobbit, the weakness of the jokes in “Parental Guidance” and the lack of attracting power of Billy Crystal outside the USA. He’s the main force in this motion picture.

    Let’s see if the studio is backing him full-force when talking about promotion.

    I so want this to be a hit for Bette. As she records less and less, I hope she acts more for I adore to see her on screen. Miss M is my favorite actress still working.


  4. Cute! Tks Don…I do have a looooong email in my box to you, I just keep adding info and never send. Lol!

    Forgot my PHD thesis on this piece, sorry…:-p

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