In Honor Of Bette’s Birthday Tomorrow: Bette Midler’s Style Evolution Through The Years

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Bette Midler Style Evolution: From Blue Eyeshadow To Blue Pant Suits (PHOTO)
By Michelle Persad
11/30/2012 12:30 pm EST

Bette Midler has been in the limelight longer than most stars in Hollywood have been alive. Though she is famous primarily for her singing and acting skills, she has also dabbled in producing, non-profit work and songwriting. Also known by her stage name, The Divine Miss M (Beyonce wasn’t the first diva with an alter ego), Midler has won three Grammy Awards, four Golden Globes, three Emmy Awards, not to mention the millions of albums she has sold worldwide throughout her long career.

Although “The Rose” singer has had an illustrious showbiz career, you can’t talk about Miss M without mentioning her wardrobe choices. Big hair, blue eyeshadow, pouffy sleeves… you name it, Bette’s tried it. Over the years she has tamed her wild ways (we think someone may have finally clawed the hairspray out of her hands), and become more of a demure figure on the red carpet (though when you have a history of wearing crinoline, there’s really only one direction to go).

In honor of Mrs. Martin von Haselberg’s 67th birthday we are taking a look back at some of her best (and some of her most unfortunate) fashion moments to date. Click through the gallery below to see her style transformation over the years.

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