BetteBack 1976: Songs For The New Depression ~ Growing Pains (March 30, 1976)

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March 30, 1976

C A H O L E  K I N G – “Thoroughbred, ” Ode SI’770.14 ( A & M ) , When Carole King sets out to compose an album, the r e s u l t is g e n e r a l l y a terrific combination of lislenable material and one of the most distinctive styles in the music scene.

This album, perhaps her best since “Tapestry,” has the flavor of her early pop formula. Vocal guests include David Crosby and G r a h am N a s h , James Taylor and John David Souther. This album is one of her strongest. Rating: A+

Bette Midler – “Songs For The New Depression.” SD18155 ( A t l a n t i c ). Midler opts for a more sedate image on this long awaited release.

To show her versitility, she mixes ’50s songs, standards and newer material to come up with a better fhan-average album.

Best Cuts are “I Don’t Want Ihe N i g h t To End, ” and “Strangers in the Night.”

Rating: B-.

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