Conflicting Dates For “Katie” Appearance….Please Read!


BetteHead Danielle came up with a good point. On Bette’s official page, they have her appearing on “Katie” December 21st still. My TV has Bette being on December 20th. I spoke to my Bette source and she insists the show will be shown the 21st. It is pre-recorded.

If I were everybody else…I would tape the 20th just in case. If she’s not on it that day, then make sure you record the 21st. Just so you’re covered….

Love, Mister D

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2 thoughts on “Conflicting Dates For “Katie” Appearance….Please Read!

  1. haha I’m glad I made a good point! Also, if anyone finds out when this show is actually taping at the studio I would love to know.

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